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How to Create 'Top of Mind' Awareness

What it is. Why it's important.
How to create it.


Out of sight, out of mind.

Sound familiar?

In today's business world these six words are the kiss of death.

It's so important that countless reams of material have been written on this precise subject over the past few years.

It needn't ever happen to you.

Not when you understand the importance of creating and maintaining "top of mind" awareness with your customers and best prospects.

Today's Buyer

No matter what your line of business, your customer has changed.

Here's what we know about today's consumers.

  • They're skeptical. Dishonesty has become part of every industry. Consumers don't know how to find somebody they can trust.
  • They're cautious. They don't want to make a commitment until they see the whole picture. Gather all the facts. Think through their decision.
  • They're tired of selling and sales pressure. From phone sales to junk mail, consumers are fed up.
  • They're busy. So busy, in fact, that they often don't take time to solve a problem until it becomes a priority. Or until somebody offers them a quick and easy solution.
  • They're confused. Never before have consumers had so many choices. And when they think about solving a problem, they don't know what to do - where to look - or whom to believe.

Today's consumers go to great lengths to arm themselves with information. They think the more information they have about a product or service, the better the decision they'll make.

What is 'Top of Mind' Awareness?

Not to bore you with statistics, but here's something you should factor into your marketing strategy. When consumers begin planning a major purchase, when would you guess they finally sign on the dotted line?

Here's the numbers according to Chilton research:

  • 15% - Bought within the first three months.
  • 24% - Bought within four to six months.
  • 34% - Bought within seven to twelve months.
  • 27% - Bought more than twelve months later.

Could it be one of the reasons things don't always work out when you expect?

'Top of mind' awareness is owning the space that your product or service occupies between your prospects ears. That way, when they're ready to buy they think of you first.

There's nothing worse than creating an appetite for what you have and then having your prospect go somewhere else to eat. It won't happen to you if you plan (and execute) properly.

How to Maintain 'Top of Mind' Awareness

Today's buyer uses an information oriented decision process. That's where they:

  • Gather information
  • Review alternatives
  • Choose one alternative
  • Evaluate the decision after the fact.

Today's successful business professional uses this approach: "Get in at the beginning of the process, when the consumer is gathering facts relating to her/his problem or need . . .AND STAY THERE!

The best way to do that, once you've identified your best prospects, is to stay in touch. Through the mail, phone and email.


Your goal must be to create an awareness of who you are and what you offer. So, when your prospect finally decides to buy, s/he immediately thinks of you.

But, "How do you keep from making a pest of yourself?"

The answer is to be helpful. We all want - and need - information so we can make an informed decision. Decide that YOU will be the source of that information. Don't we all appreciate help? Especially when it's given without any strings attached?

Why not do what the very successful do?

Educate your prospect. In an unthreatening manner and environment. All the time, you're creating ownership of your product or service in your prospects mind.

Identifying Your Best Prospects

Your best prospects are always:

  • your present best customers, and
  • other people that look like them.

You can - or should be able to - identify your best customers. Once you've identified your most profitable customers, use their demographic profile to find more people that look like them.

For information on finding YOUR best prospects, simply pick up the phone and give our marketing specialists a call at (800) 711-5478. Or, click the link below to fill out an Information Request Form. We'll respond promptly.

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