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''We've bought many lists in the past. I have to tell you that the list that you found for us has generated more than three times the sales of any list we've bought before.

''Thank you very much for all your help and hard work on our behalf.''

John Lewis
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Direct Marketing Article Archive

Lead Generation - tips, ideas and secrets

Here's a collection of tested and proven marketing ideas, tips and tools.


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Powerful Direct Marketing Numbers
Here's some powerful "Direct Marketing Numbers", to make your Direct Response Marketing work for you.

How to Order the Most Profitable Direct Marketing List
If you could precisely identify your best sales leads, how much would it be worth to you?

All sales people - even marketing experts - regularly make a mistake that costs them a great deal of money.

Direct Mail & New Customers
How do you find your best direct mail list? In order to increase your direct mail response rate you've got to know something about your best customers. Here's how you do it.

How to Create 'Top of Mind' Awareness
'Top of Mind' Awareness. What it is. Why it's important. How to create it.

How Much Should You Pay for Direct Marketing Lists?
How to determine which direct marketing list is the most cost effective for your business.

7 Secrets to Winning the Direct Mail Game
Here's seven things you'll want to be sure to check before you mail the first piece.

How your Present Clients Can Lead You to New Sales
Examples of how companies go about creating highly responsive direct marketing lists. Using your best customers to identify your best sales prospects.

13 Point Checklist For Successful Direct Mail
This checklist will help you make certain your Direct Mail has every chance of outstanding success.

Three Cost-Effective Ways To Use Direct Mail
Direct mail strategies that you can put to work to achieve better, more profitable results.

11 Direct Mail Ideas That Work
Here's 11 ideas that will make your direct mail more effective. Use these ideas and no one will call your direct mail bland or uninteresting.

When Does Direct Mail Work Best?
Here's some tips on when direct mail should be your first choice. The more that apply, the more likely direct mail is the best marketing medium for your business.

12 Steps to a Winning Marketing Attitude
Your marketing attitude attracts clients and customers - or pushes them away. Use these twelve steps to assure your marketing success.

Secrets to Effective Email Marketing
Rules for email copywriting that produce positive results.

Salesmanship, Repetition And Direct Mail
Cost-effective ways to use Direct Mail to repeatedly communicate your marketing message

Those Critical First Few Seconds Of A Sales Letter
The moment of truth has arrived. The next three to five seconds will largely determine whether your marketing effort is a success or failure.

A $200 Marketing Idea
Help kids, get loads of free publicity, make friends and meet new customers.

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