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''We've bought many lists in the past. I have to tell you that the list that you found for us has generated more than three times the sales of any list we've bought before.

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John Lewis
Last Quarter Collection

Financial Planning Sales Leads - A Case Study

How targeting beats the pants off advertising


Background: This financial planner (we'll call him Don) resides in a larger mid-western industrial city. Before Don came into the financial planning business he sold life insurance and annuities for a number of years.

He specializes in estate and retirement planning and is a member of a small (4 person) firm. The firms primary source of financial planning sales leads have come through retirement and estate planning seminars held once or twice a month.

Before: Seminar attendance had been driven primarily by display ads in local newspapers. The response to the ads was sometimes dismal, leading to frequent half-empty rooms.

When that happened, not only was the seminar not as effective, but the marketing cost to acquire a single new client was often in the hundreds of dollars.

After: Don determined that his most desired financial planning sales leads were the employees of large manufacturing companies with more than 20 years of service who generally had large IRA's and retirement accounts. He felt that that not only was this segment of the population underserved, but was very stable and relatively easy to identify.

Now, highly specialized lists are created. The demographics are very specific. Only those individuals who match these exact specificatons are selected.

  • age between 45 and 65
  • household annual income between $50,000 and $125,000
  • have lived in their present home 10+ years

A series of three personal letters are mailed to each prospect, two weeks apart. The emphasis is on educating them to their options available under current tax law. An invitation is extended to attend an upcoming educational seminar where they can learn more.

After Don had worked his one-to-one marketing program for about 60 days, his success was contagious. The marketing emphasis of the entire financial planning firm has now shifted from 'shotgun' (newspaper ads) to a one-to-one direct marketing program.

Results: Now, after almost 6 months of one-to-one targeted marketing, attendance at the seminars is averaging above 80% of capacity. Some of the seminars have been booked beyond room capacity.

The marketing cost to acquire a new client averages less than $80. Most importantly, after switching to targeted financial planning sales leads, Don's personal income now exceeds $17,000 a month.

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