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Our clients say...

''Your expertise and the leads you've provided have helped our division exceed our sales goals. And your service is second to none.

''Thanks again for your help. I truly appreciate it.''

Doug Arnold
Pitney Bowes Management Services

''Thank you again, I really appreciate all of your help in helping me build my financial planning business.''

Nichol Porcelli
Smith Barney

Custom and Response Lists

This category of lists includes many thousands of different files. Many of the lists include buyers of specific products and services. Others include requests for information.

We've learned that sometimes it takes a very specialized list to identify your best sales prospects . . . and an experienced list broker with YOUR best interests at heart.

One who's willing to do the research necessary to find the precise list that you need.

As list brokers, we have access to over 55,000 mailing, telemarketing and opt-in email lists. Yet we're not affiliated with any of them. That means you'll receive an unbiased recommendation based upon research of your precise requirements.

Here's a few examples ... just to get your creative juices flowing. Keep in mind these aren't even the tip of the iceberg of what's available to you.

  • Compensation & Benefits Dept Heads - Key managers of comp benefit programs in the nations leading companies. VP's, managers directors.
  • Women in Business - Women executives, managers and entrepreneurs who purchased books about how to succeed or advance in business.
  • Biostatisticians - Pharmaceutical company biostatisticians responsible for creating new wonder drugs.
  • Technology Marketers - Select VAR's by type of equipment supported, operating system and network environment, software application, target markets, more...
  • And . . . lots more.

So, when you need new customers . . . qualified people who need your products and services . . . regardless of the complexity of your requirements . . . you need remember only one number. Ours.

We'd love to be YOUR list broker. We'll do the research and find the precise custom response list you're looking for.

Simply pick up the phone right now. Dial (800) 711-5478 and speak with a marketing specialist that has your best interests at heart. Or, click the link below to fill out an Information Request Form. We'll respond promptly.

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