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Our clients say...

''It's a pleasure working with a lead broker who is focused on the success of his customer. You have shown yourself to be a man of great integrity.

''Not only do you provide excellent insight for a marketing campaign, you deliver quality leads in a timely manner at an unbeatable price. It is a privilege to do business with you.

''I highly recommend your service for any business looking to capitalize on a marketing campaign.''

Michael Melton, president
Dish Direct, LLC

New Homeowner Lists

New homeowners have IMMEDIATE product and service needs. The time to reach them is when they're most responsive.

The New Homeowner opportunity

More than 4 million homes are bought in the US each year. Most new home buyers must search for available merchants and services in their new neighborhood. And, you have an opportunity to reach new customers before they've developed new spending patterns.

New homeowners are good prospects because:

  • They spend more on home-related products and services the first six months than established homeowners spend in 5 years.
  • They typically make major credit purchases (they've just gone through extensive credit screening).
  • They must establish relationships with dentists, physicians, banking and other professionals.
  • They are ideal candidates for mortgage insurance and other insurance products.
  • Studies show that many new homeowners purchase a new car within the first year at their new address.

All new homeowner lists are certified from deeds recorded at county courthouses across the country. Call for availability in your area.

Telephone numbers are available (varies geographically). So you can reach your best potential new customers just as soon as they become available.

A never-ending supply of sales leads

Make a new homeowner offer a regular part of your marketing program. How else will you replace your customers who move out of your area?

Here's a special tip: Offer new homeowners a special 'first time customer' incentive so good you wouldn't want to offer it to everybody.

Why? Because you want them to develop the habit of fulfilling their need for your product or service with you. Make sure you're part of their newly developing spending pattern. Once you calculate the lifetime value of a new customer, you'll want to contact every new homeowner in your trade area.

Are you ready for YOUR best New Homeowner List?

For immediate answers, pick up the phone and speak with our specialists at 1-800-711-5478.

Or, simply click the link below to submit an Information Request. We'll respond promptly.

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