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''It's a pleasure working with a lead broker who is focused on the success of his customer. You have shown yourself to be a man of great integrity.

''Not only do you provide excellent insight for a marketing campaign, you deliver quality leads in a timely manner at an unbeatable price. It is a privilege to do business with you.

''I highly recommend your service for any business looking to capitalize on a marketing campaign.''

Michael Melton, president
Dish Direct, LLC

How to Stop Wasting So Much Money on Marketing That is Hard to Measure

Getting More Buyers Into the Showroom Without Spending More Money


Are you frustrated over the high cost per sale and inability to effectively measure the return on the money you spend on marketing? If so, here's some good news and some bad news.

The Good News:

The good news is you can greatly increase the number of people that come into your store looking to buy a car without spending any more money than you are today. More good news. Below you'll find a marketing technique that addresses the #1 reason people don't buy from you.

The Bad News:

The bad news is there is no single ''magic bullet''. What it takes is a renewed emphasis on building and maintaining relationships with your customers; ''sold'' and ''not-sold-yet''; and a re-focusing of your marketing efforts.

Is it worth it? Consider:

The quickest way for you to sell more cars and make more money is to transform your present marketing efforts into much more powerful cash generators for your dealership. In fact, you can quickly and easily at least double the sales and profits of every ad, sales letter or promotional campaign you run from now on.

Here's a marketing idea you can take to the bank.

  1. The #1 reason people do not buy from you is they simply don't believe in your offer.
  2. The #2 reason people don't buy from you is that they are not completely convinced you are for real.

How do you overcome this?

Test, Test, Test.

You can have far more sales, inquiries and store traffic for the same money just by cross testing alternative headlines, format and copy.

Whether writing an ad, radio or TV spots or direct marketing letters, the headline is the ad for the Ad. It's the ''hook'' that draws your prospect into the ad. Statistically, the headline accounts for 80% of the value of the ad, in terms of results. Often times, this can mean the difference between success and failure.

Maximize your response:

  • By testing one Newspaper Ad against another
  • By testing one Radio Station against another
  • By testing one TV station against another
  • By testing one Sales Thrust against another
  • By testing one Follow Up Gesture against another
  • By testing one Direct Mail Piece against another
  • Testing ads with coupons plus calls by salesmen
  • Run Split Test copy testing

An ad costs you the same in human and financial capital, as well as amount of space, production time or air time, whether it produces 100 prospects, 1,000 prospects or 10,000 prospects. Until you establish your control concepts, techniques and approaches, you can't possibly maximize your marketing.

You can take control of your advertising and marketing today.

If you're ready to:

  • grow your business
  • differentiate it from your competition
  • dramatically increase your sales numbers
  • improve the effectiveness of your advertising activities
  • make marketing the most powerful and profitable business activity you engage in

you need to attend the Russ Mullin Stealth System workshop.

This entire ''hands-on'' workshop is designed to cater to dealerships who are willing and ready to embrace a new vision for their business, and a better way of marketing their dealership.

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