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Dish Direct, LLC

A $200 Marketing Idea

The $.25 Car Wash


Help kids, get loads of free publicity, make friends and meet new customers.

Here's a 7 step outline for a great publicity promotion that accomplishes three goals.

  • First, it helps kids in your own community.
  • Second, it generates great local publicity for you and your company.
  • Third, it can also generate significant sales for your business.

    1. Hire a local youth organization, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts etc. for a day. This should cost about $200.00 for 10-20 kids. The number of kids you get and the amount you will have to pay will vary depending on where you live.

    2. Get a gas station to donate the space, water and soap.

    3. Call your local newspaper and radio station(s). Tell them you are sponsoring a 25 cent car wash to help out the local youth organization and to give something back to the community. You can expect to receive lots of free publicity. It's a great way to get recognition and your name known in the community.

    4. On the day of the event, put up a sign advertising

    "25 cent Car Wash, no Tipping".

    5. Be there to welcome everyone that comes in for a wash. People will ask what the deal is while they are getting their car washed. You explain that you were looking for something that would be a nice gesture for the community and give you an opportunity to meet people.

    6. They will ask what you do. Tell them. Many will be prospects.

    7. Ask if you can give them a quote. Most folks will say "Yes".

This marketing idea is provided by Patrick Kilhoffer of Direct Connections International. DCI provides innovative and effective lead generation programs. Contact Patrick at [email protected].

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