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Calyn Hauck

Using 'Response Lists' to Maximize Sales

The broad category of response lists consists of thousands of different files. Each list is comprised of individuals who have taken some form of action.

Most of the lists include mail order buyers of products and services. Many others include requests for information. These responses come from all forms of media such as magazines and newspaper ads, direct mail solicitation by catalog, circulars or letters, plus radio, TV, the Internet and telephone.

Broad groups of response lists include:

  • Magazine or Newsletter subscription lists, trials or expirations
  • Merchandise offerings such as clothing, food, electronics, novelties, etc.
  • Financial services, i.e. insurance, banking, credit cards, etc.
  • Fund raising lists for various charities, political campaigns, environmental groups, etc.
  • 800 or 900 phone responders to a multitude of offers

These response lists may contain a few thousand to millions of names. The one common characteristic is that the person has taken action to actually contact the advertiser. Generally, a response list owner will request a sample mailing piece or telemarketing script to determine if it is a competitive offer.

Why use a response list?

You would use response lists when you need proven responders to maximize sales. Generally these buyers with a track record of purchasing history are more responsive to marketing offers.

Would you like to see what kind of response list will help YOU find more buyers?

Simply pick up the phone and ask to speak with a response list marketing specialist at (800) 711-5478. Or, click the link below to fill out an Information Request Form. We'll respond promptly.

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