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Calyn Hauck

13 Point Checklist For Successful Direct Mail


This checklist will help you make certain your Direct Mail has every chance of outstanding success:

1.   Look at your Direct Mail as your recipient will look at it. Pretend you are they.

2.   Remember your primary objective. What do YOU want your prospect, your customer to do?

3.   Do your #1., #2. and #3. benefits "hit" your reader right between the eyes? Make sure they do!

4.   Does your Direct Mail package "flow"? Does it look like it all goes together? Like it was planned!

5.   Does your package encourage your reader to open it NOW? At once? Immediately? Before they do another thing?

6.   Do you see the letter first? Since 2/3rds of your audience, if they are interested in what you offer, will make a decision based on your letter - make certain your letter is in the envelope where it is easily found.

7.   Does your letter address the needs of the prospect, the customer? Is it written with the reader in mind? If there are no needs, there will be no sale. Make certain you address your readers needs.

8.   Does your brochure "demonstrate" the benefits of doing business with you? With pictures, illustrations, charts and graphs -- do you tell your complete story?

9.   Do the graphics through-out your Direct Mail package support the copy? Do they make the copy more readable? Do they make it better? As television "improves" the script from radio, so Direct Mail graphics must make the copy better.

10.  Does your reply device include a summary of your full story? Does your card, fax-back form, application, sign-up sheet, coupon say everything? So your reader knows what they are suppose to do next?

11.  Have you made your very best offer? Do you have a reason for your reader to!? And is it pointedly clear?

12.  Is it easy to reply now? The easier you make it the more likely you are to gain a response. Give options on how to respond; phone, fax, E-mail, walk-in, drive-through, computer, mail it...every possible option.

13.  If YOU are the recipient mentioned in #1 of this list...what would YOU do with your Direct Mail? Would you respond? If so, why? If not, why not?

Answer these questions honestly and bluntly. If you don't like the answers, don't mail it. Change it. Successful Direct Mail takes practice - but it's well worth it!

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