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11 Direct Mail Ideas That Work


1.   Indent the first line of every paragraph -- it "pulls" a reader into your copy.

2.   Use quotations -- they get attention.

3.   Use testimonials -- they make you believable.

4.   Tell a case history story -- they prove you do what you say you do.

5.   Use real numbers ... people like facts and figures, they "follow" numbers.

6.   Include a Q&A section ... Questions & Answers share with your marketplace points you know are important to them.

7.   Underline short bursts of copy ... use a very small amount of CAPS...or a very wee bit of italics, and not much more bold -- each will help you emphasize your key message points. Especially when it is not over done. And, they keep the reader with you.

8.   This is a world of color. Today's marketplace has seen color for a lifetime. Use color in your Direct Mail. Everything! should be at least 2 colors. Your audience expects color. Fulfill their expectations.

9.   And use symbols, too. "Signs" such as # for number, % for percentage, + for plus and = for equals, the $ dollar sign, * asterisk or bullets such as with this list, \ or / slash marks all get attention. Use them in your Direct Mail.

10.   Write like you say it. Don't worry about grammar. Don't concern yourself with exact punctuation. It's not necessary
to word-smith every sentence. Be "good" ... and make it human, too.

11.   Direct Mail is a "personal" marketing tool. So, be as personal as possible. Use your readers name. It lets them now you took the time to care. And, when you can't use a name, be "creative" with your salutation. "Dear Marketing Enthusiast" works, too.

Pay attention to these ideas and no one will accuse your direct mail of being bland or uninteresting!

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