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Our clients say...

''I really appreciate your integrity and customer service. This is the reason I was eager to do business with your company again.

''I also truly appreciate your rare form of customer service, and I will certainly refer you to others who are looking to create leads.''

Calyn Hauck

12 Steps to a Winning Marketing Attitude


1. Listen.
    Listen to the client. Listen to the customer. The client knows their business. The customer knows what fits their needs. Listen and understand.

2. Be responsive.
    Listen...and then do something. Quickly. Positively. Boldly.

3. Provide continuity.
    Get your team together. Gather the ideas and recommendations and suggestions together. And share them.

4. Concentrate.
    Study. Think. Focus. Have direction. Always be prepared.

5. Work with people
    Sure, know everyone you need to know. And then understand the grass roots of business is where it's at. The people in the trenches are important, too.

6. Be sensitive.
    Talk "two-gether" with the client and customer. It takes two to communicate -- make sure you are communicating clearly.

7. Charge fair fees.
    Charge what is fair. Charge enough -- yet, not too much. Give value equal to your fee.

8. Present good ideas.
    Know creative thinking is getting bottom line profitable results. Create good ideas -- be prepared to defend them. But be prepared to back off when the client says "No, thank-you."

9. Be consistent.
    Every day work toward building a better relationship between you and your client, your customer.

10. Be a good steward.
    Every day. Watch the money. Yours. Theirs. Be prepared fiscally for the inevitable ups and downs.

11. Let your clients and customers know you care.
    Always remember that people don't care how much you know until they know how much you care.

12. Understand success.
    The client makes the sale. All you do is help. The client gets the rewards. That IS success!

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