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Calyn Hauck

When Does Direct Mail Work Best?


There are many ways to reach your prospects.

Here're some tips on when direct mail should be your first choice. The more that apply, the more likely direct mail is the best marketing medium for your business.

1.    When you can clearly identify your audience Direct Mail will work. If you're not able to precisely identify your audience or target your marketplace, it is much less likely to work.

2.    When you can cleanly reach your target audience. Identifying them is first - reaching them with your message is another process.

3.    When you have a lot to say. When your message is long, complex, compound, different, unique ... new, direct mail works.

4.    When your service / product has continuity, repeat or follow-on sales. i.e., when it must be bought over and over, again and again.

5.    When you need to control the entire selling process. You don't want others between you and the decision maker.

6.    When you need to build a "model" that can be repeated by others. You set the standards, and introduce your model for others to use.

7.    When other distribution channels don't work as well as going direct to your audience.

8.    When you need less visibility in the marketplace - Direct Mail is wonderful. You send it only to your select few. Mail is perfect for segmenting your market.

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