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Our clients say...

''The determination and tenacity of your organization is surely recognized on our end. You've bent over backwards to get us the data we require.

''You provided exactly the lists we were looking for at a fair price and your service has been exceptional. Thanks for all your hard work.''

Scott Muir, Inc.

How to Order the Most Profitable Marketing List


If you could precisely identify your best sales leads, how much would it be worth to you?

All sales people - even marketing experts - regularly make a mistake that costs them a great deal of money. This mistake costs many people their job and even their business.

You know that no business can grow without making sales.

Yet, all businesses - including yours - can fit all of their future clients into one of three groups. We like to call them "buckets".

Every business has their most profitable clients. It makes no difference whether you market your products or services to businesses or consumers. Your most profitable clients are those on whose business you are able to generate a higher profit with a minimal investment of your time.

Here's the key ingredient.

You must create a demographic profile of your most profitable clients.

What do your most profitable clients look like? For example:

Selling to consumers -
How old are they? What's their household income? Do they own their home? What's their home worth? Do they have children at home? About how much is their net worth? Where do they live? What hobbies or sports are they active in? Etc...

Selling to businesses -
What types of businesses? Are they store-front or home based? How long have they been in business? What is their annual sales volume? How many employees? Where are they located? What's the title of the person who makes the buying decision? Etc...

Now, go back to the bucket analogy.

Those individuals or businesses that have ALL of the demographic characteristics of your best customers belong in the "A bucket".

Those sales leads that have SOME of the demographic characteristics of your best clients - but not all of them - belong in your "B bucket". They can definitely use your product or service, but don't have all of the "A bucket" demographics.

The "C bucket" is comprised of all the rest of the people that you know can use your product or service.

Most people lump all of the people that can benefit from their product or service together when they buy a sales list. That costs them much more time and money to generate an acceptable volume of sales.

Now, here's the secret . . .

Never market to your "B bucket" sales leads until your "A bucket" is empty. And, never market to your "C bucket" leads until your "B bucket" is empty. It's as simple as that.

Before you order a marketing list, make sure that you know what your most profitable clients look like. Then, clone them. We can help you.

You'll make more money with much less effort.

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