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Our clients say...

''It's a pleasure working with a lead broker who is focused on the success of his customer. You have shown yourself to be a man of great integrity.

''Not only do you provide excellent insight for a marketing campaign, you deliver quality leads in a timely manner at an unbeatable price. It is a privilege to do business with you.

''I highly recommend your service for any business looking to capitalize on a marketing campaign.''

Michael Melton, president
Dish Direct, LLC

Direct Marketing Leads


When you are trying to reach out to new clients, individuals or businesses, it's vital that you have direct marketing leads to point you toward your most likely customers. While many data companies will sell you bulk mailing lists complied from various sources, only refines those lists to create customized direct marketing leads for you. This results in the highest rate of return of any lead lists we've encountered.

When you contact us at, we will work with you to determine the best kind of direct marketing leads for you. If you have a very specialized service or product, a customized mailing list or telemarketing call sheet may work best for you. We will cull existing data and narrow it down based on the specifications you give us. We can search by anything from age to martial status and from household income to geographic location.

The direct marketing leads you receive from us will be drawn from a variety of sources. We have solid relationships with the most trusted data brokers in the industry, like Experian and Equifax. We also get more specific information from any number of sources--magazine subscriber lists, 1-800 number respondents, credit card member lists, or charity memberships to name but a few diverse possibilities. We then refine these lists to find the target audience for your service, offer, or product.

We offer many different direct marketing lead services. We can provide you with lists of new businesses, new homeowners, top charitable donators, and more. We're 100 percent dedicated to seeing your business grow and we will work with you like we're a part of your own team!

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