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Our clients say...

''I really appreciate your integrity and customer service. This is the reason I was eager to do business with your company again.

''I also truly appreciate your rare form of customer service, and I will certainly refer you to others who are looking to create leads.''

Calyn Hauck

Business To Business Mailing Lists is the best source for intelligent, targeted business to business mailing lists. Unlike other companies that will just sell you bulk mailing lists, we will tailor a list especially to your business, industry, and niche. We will give you a mailing list that has a higher rate of response than any list you've used before.

You will develop a relationship with a consultant from Senior Management with years of experience in analyzing marketing plans and customer data files. While you may think you know the demographics from which most of your customers are derived, there are often surprises that become evident only with more in-depth assessment. The more you want to narrow down your mailing list, the more Find More Buyers can help you.

We have access to databases based around the profiles of the executives at other businesses. You may want a mailing list comprised mostly of women or men. You may be interested in people who have made a number of specific product purchases. You may be looking for clients who do $500,000-$1,000,000 in business annually as owners of private salons. The combination of criteria that works best for you is likely to be unique to your business.

We'll help you figure that out and get you a targeted business to business mailing list that gets you more customers. Our pricing is extremely competitive, and is based on the number of criteria that you want included in your search and the origin of the base list we use. While the list itself may not be the absolute cheapest you can buy, it will be the most targeted--in time paying you back many times over for the investment.

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