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Our clients say...

''Your expertise and the leads you've provided have helped our division exceed our sales goals. And your service is second to none.

''Thanks again for your help. I truly appreciate it.''

Doug Arnold
Pitney Bowes Management Services

''Thank you again, I really appreciate all of your help in helping me build my financial planning business.''

Nichol Porcelli
Smith Barney

List of Business Owners


If your target audience for the goods or services you provide is other businesses, then you'll need a database list of business owners. can provide you with the best list of business to business sales leads that you'll ever have. We specialize in highly targeted database selection and compilation to help our clients increase business to business sales.

If you've ever worked with a generic bulk mailing list or combed the yellow pages to send out promotional materials, you're certain to have been disappointed. When you consider the price of the list or the time you spent compiling it, the man-hours spent on assembling mailings or making calls, and the price of phone service or postage, you'll find that the rate of return is abysmal. If you're sending a bulk mailing, that means you're also responsible for sending thousands of trees directly from the natural forest to the garbage heap. can help you avoid these financial losses and provide you with a more environmentally-friendly solution. We have years of experience providing clients with lists of business owners who make up their ideal target market. We work with you - looking at your existing customer database, industry, location, and goals - and help you identify your best sales prospects.

We can draw from tens of thousands of different lists of business owners, narrowing your list by simple demographic criteria like industry, location, and income. We can also provide you with highly specialized lists - for example, women executives in the finance industry, managers and VPs in pharmaceuticals, or sole proprietors with brick and mortar shops in the health and wellness field. The possibilities are nearly endless - let us give you a new take on marketing that will increase your sales immediately!

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